Alpha Arbutin Soap Double White Your Body

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Alpha Arbutin is blended from Switzerland
made from bearberry plant extract
inhibits melanin production which causes skin darkening
see visible results in just 7 days
helps keep skin smooth and healthy

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ALPHA ARBUTIN – is found in the dried leaves of a number of different plant species including bearberry. Arbutin has known to prevent pigmentation, liver spots, and freckles and whiten skin but it also has anti-aging effects and gives UBV/UVC filter or protection. It also treats allergic inflammation and sunburn marks of the skin.

ALPHA ARBUTIN is a mixture of alpha and arbutin. Inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme which reacts with the melanin in the skin, thereby reducing scars, darkspots and has shown extraordinarily rapid and safe Skin whitening properties.

ALPHA ARBUTIN is now the “hottest whitening cosmetic ingredient”… It provides Whitening, Anti-Aging, and UVB and UVC filters, among other benefits.



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