Genive Hair Tonic

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Tonic for hair loss, treatment of baldness and increased hair growth (GENIVE Hair Tonic)

The problem of hair loss is still one of the most pressing problems in the world.
Thanks to the modern achievements of science and technology in the field of cosmetology, women and men were able to not only preserve the remaining hair, but also significantly improve their health.
Tonic for hair loss, treatment of baldness and increased hair growth Genive Hair Tonic is a unique product that is based on extracts of medicinal herbs and plants, such as Aloe Vera extract, anageline Chamomile oil, extracts from white sweet lupine.
Tonic strengthens the roots and protect the scalp from dandruff and fungus. It also stimulates the growth of new hair, strengthening the hair shaft, making hair longer, thicker, shiny and more resistant to thinning.
Lupine extract actively stimulates blood circulation, provides an additional influx of oxygen and essential nutrients to the hair follicles, and heals them. Inhibits 5-reductase 2-enzyme, which is the reason for thinning and hair loss. It transfers the necessary nutrients to the hair roots, strengthens the roots and makes the hair healthy, stimulating new growth. It stimulates the cellular metabolism in the hair roots and the production of keratin, which provides faster growth of healthy, strong and thick hair, and prevents hair loss. It increases hair density.



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