Image Whitening Cream Flawless, 30g

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Brighten skiz tone to perk up complexion and give a clear, translucent glow. Target blemishes and brighten dull skin for a pure complexion with this moisturizing cream. Easily absorbs, eliminates yellowish complexion, whitens, reduces dryness, softens and moisturizes the skin, gives the skin tenderness and smoothness. Softly and gently nourishes the skin with essential moisture, gives the skin moisture, soft and pleasant white tone. Save your time with just evenly apply on your face for a flawless appearance.

Instant whitening & brightening effects ? up to a few shades lighter.
Covers up imperfections & skin blemishes for a flawless look.
Fast and easy to apply, yet long lasting.
Non-sticky & does not block pores.
Also known as LAZY CREAM as it allows one to have flawless, blemish-free skin under a minute



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