Jula’s Herb DD Cream Watermelon

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Skin moisturizing
Waterproof sweat
UVA and UVB sunscreen
Light texture, foundation, maintain, Bass
Registered number 10-1-5878637

DD CREAM WATERMELON SPF50 PA +++ (8 grams) Good cream best cover and protect skin With the latest technology BB CC cream cream to break down into a light mineral water to spread easily as soon as it is applied. And do not surface it during the day with water and can prevent both UVA and UVB rays with watermelon mixture that can retain water. Keep moist Protect your skin from loss of water during the day. And a mixture of glutathione skin to help whiten the skin naturally white with pink. The power of natural ingredients. Watermelon Shell Extract Watermelon in the desert can maintain moisture in the shell as well because it contains natural substances. It is extracted with advanced technology became. PEPHA┬«-PROTECT in Merveile Dermal Protect, which protects the skin from deep sun damage to the cell level. Including protecting DNA damage. In the sun’s rays, it is also effective as a skin barrier, reducing the level of reddening of the skin from the sun. When in the sun for a while. Glutathione glutathione is a component of protein. A vital part of the body With essential nutrients to the skin. It helps to restore and emphasize the growth of skin cells. Reduce water loss. The skin is effectively moisturizing effectively. It also helps repair damaged skin cells. Skin firm Shine does not shrivel. Mineral water from France The mineral water comes from France Nature It is rich in substances that can help in halting the growth of pathogens. Which acts as a thin film. Coating Helps skin to relieve irritation. Natural extracts help restore moisture and avoid skin irritation. How to use cream on the face. Used to conceal uneven skin from acne, freckles, dark spots and protect the sun. Should be applied before the sun 15 minutes.





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