Lab Y Booster Body Whitening Cream

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LAB-Y WHITENING BOOSTER lap attack his real big deal for the hundreds. Lasts 2-3 months for his tight white actually more thinking seems to really want the white to clear. I have this aura that no attack Whitening Booster lab, not some mercury surface. There is no official record is 100% safe. Help LAB-Y WHITENING BOOSTER lap attack. Apply a moisturizing after bathing bordered morning – evening (morning, apply sunscreen all over again. Because of our tropical here. Do not forget the strength of the sun) Size = 450 ml.

LAB-Y WHITENING BOOSTER lap attack skin whitening cream, seaweed extract formula.
Algae genuine Helps restore the skin quickly Reduce the pigment melanin, vitamin C boost.
Build collagen skin brightening uniformly dark black skin from the sun.
White aura white and natural. 100% without hazardous substances



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