Moods Snail Anti Wrinkle Water Liquid

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Aura of the skin surface changes fast, clear and safe.
The natural extracts gentle to all skin types, even sensitive skin.
Back to the skin to return to the younger again clear.
Feel the change in the first week of use.
The difference is more than normal skin care products.

Newest Essence of Snail Slime, Whitening and Body Scrub, Rejuvenate and Rejuvenate your skin with the latest technology from premium natural extracts. A lot of useful to the skin. Significant changes in the skin during a week of continuous use. Gentle formula is made from 100% natural extracts without chemical additives. Helps to brighten and soften the skin with clear aura. It does not irritate, it does not irritate, it is not tender, it is gentle formula with all skin types, even sensitive skin. Helps to nourish the skin. Reduces dark spots, dull skin, uneven skin tone. Tightens pores and smoothes out facial contours White has a clear aura. Facial skin to bounce tight and look younger than healthy skin. Fast absorption, not sticky. Light fragrance from flowers. Is unique
Muddy water slapped snails prepare the skin to moisturize. Daily wrinkles, dark spots, reduce the appearance of fading
When using the product continuously. And the results. Depending on the individual skin



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