Skin Hair Remover Whip Foam, 100ml

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Skin Hair Remover Whip Foam with Milky Essence

– Easy to use just shake, pump, rinse off

– No shaving, no plucking, no waxing, no any skin hurt

– Can use both women and men

– Whip foam will absorbed into the root and make them soft until removed out

Benefits :

– New Skin hair reborn no rough, no ingrown, no stump, no little chicken skin

– With milky essence help your skin smooth and brighten looking at the first time use

Direction :

1. Open the cap and change to pump on the bottle.

2. Close the pump tightly.

3. Mixed well until don’t have sound when shake.

4. Pump foam on to the body that you need to hair remover (Do not use on face)

5. Pump foam thickly, the foam will be blister and effective on your skin hair. If apply a thin, not effective on your hair skin.

6. Leave for 10-15 mins. It is up to how strength of skin hair.

7. Check result by finger touch or use skewer sticks spread a little bit out.

8. When skin hair removed out already, rinse off with water or clean with soap.

9. Moisturized your skin with body lotion



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