Snail White Cream Filtrate Moisture

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ALL ABOUT SNAIL WHITE [ 50g. ] Results Effects. The skin is smooth, white skin, freckles, minimize dark spots and dull skin. Skin soft and moist. Reduce the roughness of your face. 1. soft face, acne look lighter, healthy skin 2. Rough skin symptoms is a condition of Dry, dehydrated skin. Lack of maintenance 3. Refresh ,Nourishing Concentrate urgent. The skin will recover in one night, I felt that it recover my skin quickly. 4. Lets face skin naturally. Skin uniformly. 5. Accelerate skin gently. And stimulate new skin cells to replace. 6. Reduce wrinkles. Wrinkles fade. 7. Cure black scars around the redness to fade. By reducing the scar tissue. Stimulate wound healing. 8. Reduce allergy symptoms rash, irritation, reduce inflammation, reduce the swelling. 9. Reduce inflammation of acne. Help control it. 10. Adding moisture. Back to skin dryness and soft.





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